Five Tips to Turn a One Night Stand Into a No Strings Attached Relationship

A one night stand is a great way to have fun and blow off some steam. The idea of having wild sex with someone without worrying about whether or not it will lead to something serious can be very exciting. But what happens when you like the girl and want to hook up with her again? And when I say like, I do not mean it in a ‘wife material’ kind of way, but in an ‘it was the best sex I’ve ever had and would love to do it again’ way. What happens then? How do you turn a hot, steamy one night stand into a steady, committed booty call? How do you get a girl to have a casual, no strings attached relationship with you? Let me tell you.

1. Be Casual about It

Be casual about the whole booty call thing. Even in the era of free HD porn and legalized gay weddings, the term ‘booty call’ still has some negative connotations. Many women are hesitant to be in a no strings attached relationship because they are afraid they will come off as too needy or skanky. So, make her feel comfortable. Tell her that you really enjoy her company and would love to keep it strictly physical, without any emotional baggage or attachments.

As surprising as it may sound, not every girl is frantically looking for a long term relationship. Some of us love casual sex and some of us even like the idea of shacking up with the same guy, depending on how good he is in bed and how well he treats us. So, be open and honest and tell her that you would love to hook up with her from time to time. If you play it smooth, chances are she will be flattered and say yes.

sexy casual dateno strings attached

2. Too Much of Anything Is Bad

Do not try to act too ‘boyfriend-y’ in an attempt to impress her. It means no cute pet names, texting sweet nothings, candlelight dinners, or breakfast in bed. Cuddling is mostly fine, but only if she likes it. Too much of sugary sweet romantic stuff could actually make her feel uncomfortable and want to back off from the whole booty call arrangement, especially if she recently got out of a bad relationship.

However, it does not mean that you could treat her with disdain and get away with it. If you do not pay her any attention and act all macho and alpha, she might not return your calls at all. Try to find a healthy balance and treat her with respect and love.

3. Be Good at What You Do

Give her good sex. Seriously, it is the axis on which the whole booty call thing revolves around. If you suck at it, there is no way you can expect her to return your calls or texts. You do not need to have movie star good looks or a monstrous thing to get her excited. It is the technique that matters, to a great extent.

Rub one out in the shower before you go out with her. You do not want to get too excited and finish it all in two minutes. Limit your alcohol intake. Too much booze can also lead to performance issues. Remember that foreplay is important. Flirt with her, touch her, tease her, and fondle her. Warm her up for a wild night of sex. Do not be selfish. Be a giver. Your penis is not the only thing that can excite her. Use your fingers and tongue and make her beg for more. Let her know that she could have it regularly if she wants to. If you are a man of action, she is likely to be tempted to become your committed booty call.

4. Be Uninhibited

Booty calls are about living out your sexual fantasies. Be open with your girl and ask her if she likes to do anything kinky. It could be dirty talk, role play, eating stuff off of each other, BDSM, or anything else that you are both into and feel comfortable with. It serves two purposes. First – the sex is always interesting, as you both have something to look forward to every time you climb into the bed. Second – it serves as a reminder to both parties that it is just a booty call and nothing serious.

5. Keep Your Place Clean

Make your home or room a place where she would like to come back to. Keep the geeky, nerdy stuff in the table drawers and tear out all the sleazy wall posters, if you have any. Tidy up the place and spray some room freshener or aftershave. The whole idea is to make her feel comfortable when she is with you and make sure the experience is good enough that she wants to do it again.

Sites That Get You Laid

one night standGet laid in Cairns

Real Sites To Get Laid That Work

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Setting Up Your Online Dating Profile

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Meeting Up For Casual Sex

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Meet New Singles In Cairns

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Always Have a Date: Tips For Keeping Your Life Full Of Great Women

how to hookupWhat to say on online dating sites

They say that dating is a numbers game and they’re mostly right. It is a numbers game, especially when it comes to casual online hookup dating. If you’re wondering how about getting responses on dating sites – what works and what doesn’t, then you should keep reading as I will run down the list of best practices for initiating conversations with girls online.

What to say on online dating sites

1. Make it personal

I don’t mean that you should tell her about mole on your cock. I mean that when you send her an icebreaker message you should tailor it to her specifically. You don’t want to be sending any generic message like: ‘Hey baby. Wanna make out?’ That probably won’t elicit much of a response. Why? Because it’s boring, uninteresting, lacks any meaningful way to respond other than a snarky dismissal, and it’s just too easy.

If she’s on a hookup dating site, she likely gets quite a few messages like that from idiotic men who don’t know what to say all the time. She ignores everyone of them.

What works is something clever like making a cheesy pun out of her name or engaging her profile in some way. You don’t want to sound random or generic. This isn’t middle school. Saying random stuff to girls is the equivalent of throwing dandelions up their skirts or chasing them around with turds you picked up off the ground. Don’t do it.

Icebreakers are tricky. You want to say something clever, witty, and that will be remembered, but you also want to target it specifically to them. We’re women, even if you’re having sex with 10 different girls and you want to make her feel like you’re the only girl in the world at that time. You want to make her feel special. She’ll like that. Trust me. I like that. Even when I know he’s a horny toad.

Ask them questions

If you’re wondering what to say to women online to get them to go out with you, you’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking yourself “how do I get to know this girl better.” Oh I know.. I’ll ask her questions! Not complicated.

Why do questions work so well? They make it easier for us to respond to you and allow us to talk about ourselves. Girls love talking about themselves. Trust me. It’s our favorite topic of conversation. Why do you think we spend hours a day putting on makeup and doing our hair? So we’ll fuck you? Please. We could get you to fuck us even if we were wearing tablecloth. We want all the other girls to talk about how awesome our hair looks and that new dress with those shoes. And then we want the other girls to talk about who we’re fucking and how many guys we’re dating. It really has very little to do with you. Just kidding. Not really.

So the point of all that is, ask us questions about stuff we like because it lets us talk about ourselves and we like that.

If you’re wondering what kind of stuff to ask about. Ask about our favorite food or bands or places we’ve been to. Stuff like that.

If you see we’re fans of a band you like it is not an appropriate time to tell us everything you know about the band. Why? Because you’re talking about yourself. We don’t like that. We want to talk about ourselves. It’s a crappy icebreaker. There will be plenty of time to talk about yourself later. If you want to engage a woman, get her talking about herself.

Dating Icebreakers

Pickup lines usually do not work unless you make fun of yourself after using one. For instance, I had a guy tell me I must be wearing space pants because my ass is out of this world. And I stared at him for like 4 seconds and then he burst out laughing and we fucked.

That only worked because he did not take himself too seriously and the expression on his face was adorable when I was staring at him. Also, none of this is relevant to an online dating site. Saying stupid things like that are better on dating sites if you can incorporate her name or some aspect of her profile into your icebreaker. Why? Because it’s about her. Girls love things that are about them. Trust me.

Oh no! Muh Friendzone!

dating mistakesFriendzoned again

I got news for you. The friendzone isn’t a real thing. Girls fuck their friends all the time. They fuck their friends. They fuck their boyfriends. They fuck each other. They fuck whoever they want. If they’re not fucking you, it’s not because they consider you a friend, it’s because they don’t want to have sex with you. Sometimes girls don’t want to fuck their friends. Sometimes girls don’t want to fuck their boyfriends. Sometimes girls just don’t want to fuck at all. This may have little to nothing to do with you, or it might have everything to do with you.

How to avoid the friendzone

If you want to be sure that a girl will not be your friend, what you might want to think about doing is pestering her to go out with you and then whining about how you’re a nice guy. Girls really hate friends like that. If you do this to every girl you know, then you won’t ever have to worry about being friendzoned again!

The truth of the matter is, just because a girl considers you her friend, doesn’t mean she doesn’t find you attractive, interesting, and fun to be around. If you’re wondering why she’s having sex with someone else, you should also be aware that it probably won’t last forever, but they tend to have some chemistry, obviously, or it would have never happened at all.

Girls have sex with guys they consider just friends all the time. The question is, why isn’t she seeing you as someone she wants to have sex with? The question isn’t why do girls friendzone guys. The question is why aren’t girls looking at you sexually and what can you do get them to do that.

What do guys who sleep around a lot have that you don’t

Well, sex for one. And they’re comfortable having it. For them, it’s not big deal. For guys who don’t get a lot of play, it is a big deal. If a girl just wants to get laid, she wants to have sex with guy who doesn’t think it’s a big deal over the guy who does think sex is a big deal. No brainer, right? Right. Here’s the other thing, just because you’re her friend now and you like her a lot doesn’t mean you’re never going to be together. It just means she has different goals for relationships and you should too.

Why adult dating sites can cure what ails you

Number one, you need to become a guy for whom having sex is no big deal. Signing up for an adult dating site can be just the thing you need. Firstly, it gets your pool of girls outside of your social sphere, which is a good thing. There’s less complications there. You don’t have to worry about hurt feelings or stupid behind the back banter. The best part is, the girls who sign up for these sites are thinking the exact same thing. They don’t want to date in their social circles because of how messy that can get and they’re looking for guys like you who want to do the same thing.

Sometimes being inexperienced isn’t a bad thing. If you let a girl know off the bat that you’re not very experienced it shows vulnerability which will allow her to open up to you and you may just end up hooking up and having a great time.

How to make your adult dating profile awesome

Use pictures of yourself that you really like. Times when you were having fun. The less posed the picture feels, the better off you are. You don’t want to seem like you’re posing because so much of who you are will leak through. The pose is a mask which reveals what it attempts to hide. So choose someone you really like, someone who sees the best in you, make it girl, and ask her to take a picture of you for a dating site. This is also why have girls as friends is not such a bad thing and why whining about the friendzone is so destructive to your relationships. It also gets that girl thinking about you as a potential date. Somewhere in the back of her mind she’s turning that over and reconsidering things with you.

Then you just want to write stuff about what you like and who you are. What moves you? What are you looking for?

As long as you’re natural and you’re comfortable with yourself you will find someone who is stricken by your fancy.

If you’re interested in thinking about this further, check out this article on the friendzone and what it really means.