Avoiding the Friendzone: How to Attract Women and Find Success

Oh no! Muh Friendzone!

Discover the truth about the friendzone and learn how to avoid it. Find out why girls friendzone guys and what you can do to change their perception. Explore adult dating sites and create an awesome profile to increase your chances of finding a great match.

Avoiding the Friendzone: How to Attract Women and Find Success I got news for you. The friendzone isn't a real thing. Girls fuck their friends all the time. They fuck their friends. They fuck their boyfriends. They fuck each other. They fuck whoever they want. If they're not fucking you, it's not because they consider you a friend, it's because they don't want to have sex with you. Sometimes girls don't want to fuck their friends. Sometimes girls don't want to fuck their boyfriends. Sometimes girls just don't want to fuck at all. This may have little to nothing to do with you, or it might have everything to do with you.

How to avoid the friendzone

If you want to be sure that a girl will not be your friend, what you might want to think about doing is pestering her to go out with you and then whining about how you're a nice guy. Girls really hate friends like that. If you do this to every girl you know, then you won't ever have to worry about being friendzoned again! The truth of the matter is, just because a girl considers you her friend, doesn't mean she doesn't find you attractive, interesting, and fun to be around. If you're wondering why she's having sex with someone else, you should also be aware that it probably won't last forever, but they tend to have some chemistry, obviously, or it would have never happened at all. Girls have sex with guys they consider just friends all the time. The question is, why isn't she seeing you as someone she wants to have sex with? The question isn't why do girls friendzone guys. The question is why aren't girls looking at you sexually and what can you do get them to do that.

What do guys who sleep around a lot have that you don't

Well, sex for one. And they're comfortable having it. For them, it's not big deal. For guys who don't get a lot of play, it is a big deal. If a girl just wants to get laid, she wants to have sex with guy who doesn't think it's a big deal over the guy who does think sex is a big deal. No brainer, right? Right. Here's the other thing, just because you're her friend now and you like her a lot doesn't mean you're never going to be together. It just means she has different goals for relationships and you should too.

Why adult dating sites can cure what ails you

Number one, you need to become a guy for whom having sex is no big deal. Signing up for an adult dating site can be just the thing you need. Firstly, it gets your pool of girls outside of your social sphere, which is a good thing. There's less complications there. You don't have to worry about hurt feelings or stupid behind the back banter. The best part is, the girls who sign up for these sites are thinking the exact same thing. They don't want to date in their social circles because of how messy that can get and they're looking for guys like you who want to do the same thing. Sometimes being inexperienced isn't a bad thing. If you let a girl know off the bat that you're not very experienced it shows vulnerability which will allow her to open up to you and you may just end up hooking up and having a great time.

How to make your adult dating profile awesome

Use pictures of yourself that you really like. Times when you were having fun. The less posed the picture feels, the better off you are. You don't want to seem like you're posing because so much of who you are will leak through. The pose is a mask which reveals what it attempts to hide. So choose someone you really like, someone who sees the best in you, make it girl, and ask her to take a picture of you for a dating site. This is also why have girls as friends is not such a bad thing and why whining about the friendzone is so destructive to your relationships. It also gets that girl thinking about you as a potential date. Somewhere in the back of her mind she's turning that over and reconsidering things with you. Then you just want to write stuff about what you like and who you are. What moves you? What are you looking for? As long as you're natural and you're comfortable with yourself you will find someone who is stricken by your fancy. If you're interested in thinking about this further, check out this article on the friendzone and what it really means.